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Psychic, Medium, and Tarot Reading Information:

By purchasing a reading, I understand and agree to the following:

Must be 18 years or older to purchase a session.

All sales are final, no exceptions unless approved by Paradox Palms LLC.

Upon purchasing a Psychic/Medium session from Paradox Palms LLC, you agree that messages you receive are not a substitute for any advice, treatment, or program you receive from a licensed medical, legal, financial, or psychological professional. There is no guarantee or implied warranty and Paradox Palms LLC will not be responsible for any interpretations, decisions, and actions taken by clients. Paradox Palms LLC and/or Fawn may offer alternate solutions due to a clients issue, and may choose to refund a client for issues they are not equipped for.

Fawn has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. 

Fawn has the right to cancel and refund a session, for any reason at any time.


Scheduling Information:

 If Fawn moves your appointment, it will be for the next available date (can be weeks/months into future due to booking). Fawn ensures to find a date and time that works for both Fawn and their client. If appointment time is missed, shortened, or canceled by the customer or for whom services are being purchased for by any reason- no refunds or exchanges will be made, and the appointment(s) will not be rescheduled or extended in any way. If appointment is canceled or rescheduled during a session by the client, we will not refund and the client will need to repurchase another session. If Paradox Palms LLC offers you a rescheduled date and time, and/or offers to be flexible with our schedule to find said customer a new date and time, and that offer is declined by any means, but is not limited to (I.E. "I do not wish to continue/work with Fawn", "I probably won't/can't make our session", "I want a refund", or any other forms of saying you are cancelling/not wanting said session), those statements will be treated as a cancellation, and will not receive a refund.


Booking Information:

Please note that our bookings are in high demand, and double bookings may occur- by purchasing, you are agreeing that you are okay with having your appointment date and time moved around to the next available spot that works for both you and Fawn. This also implies that you will not receive a refund for the session being moved OR for Fawn needing to reschedule for any reason. A purchased session is only for the intended customer (this regards the name given at the point of purchase). All sessions are meant for one person, unless you purchased a group session, which will allow up to three people.


Reschedule/Cancelation Information:

ALL reschedules that are requested by the customer will be subjected to another purchase of said session, unless Paradox Palms LLC chooses to reschedule without another purchase of said session. Cancellations will NOT receive a refund. If we do not hear back after 1 week of trying to set a reschedule date, Paradox Palms will accept the nonresponse as the customer canceling their session and we will fill that time slot. Sessions will only happen if client confirms date given through email.


Refund Information:

If Paradox Palms LLC does offer a refund, all refund offers will only be valid for 1 week, and offers accepted after 1 week will not get said refund. All refunds will be issued within 30 business days after refund confirmation. All refunds are only for the intended customer who purchased. 


Session Time Zone: 


Session Instructions:

Please allow yourself to be in an isolated area while being given a reading. We do NOT perform readings on those who are traveling via any means of transportation at the session start time.  Fawn will only wait 10 minutes past the starting time for customers to show for their appointments, after this time it is considered a "no-show", unless the client communicates with and is responded to by Fawn before the session.  Fawn sends out a zoom link through email before the session, to give client notice that their session is about to start. If the wrong session is purchased, Fawn will not change the type of session or refund the client for the time spent. If the email you put in at point of purchase is incorrect, or you misplace our sent emails, we are not responsible for any miscommunication that arises. 


Email and Contact Information:

PLEASE NOTE: If we reschedule you, you may receive and email from OR Please check spam if either are missing from inbox, or you feel there is a lack in communication, as we respond promptly and reschedule in a timely manner. Paradox Palms is not responsible for misplaced emails, or emails being sent to spam, and we will not refund a session regarding those circumstances. 

Paradox Palms reserves the right to update our disclaimers at any given time, without notice.

Paradox Palms LLC Online Shop Information:

When purchasing from Paradox Palms, it is important to know that all items sold are carefully handmade, and some products may not be alike. We test our products multiple times to ensure good quality, and safe packaging is done. Once a product leaves our care, it is no longer our responsibility on what happens to said product from that point on. If there are any issues with the product upon arrival or shortly after, please contact us on our contact page, and we will do our best to accommodate.


NOTE: By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. All sales are final, no refunds on products or services. Special accommodations can be made in certain situations.


NOTE SHIPPING: By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. All shipping will be standard, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery after purchase date. If express shipping is needed, please contact us to discuss how we can go about express shipping. IF wrong address is given, once package is sent, it is not our responsibility to fix. 


NOTE: We use clay for some products, keep these products dry.

NOTE PAINTINGS: By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. Paintings are limited in design, once one is sent out, any damage that occurs to painting is not our responsibility to fix. We are open to discounts, small % refund, or small replacement to accommodate.


IMPORTANT FOR CANDLES: By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. Although the candles are able to be used, they are also decorative and to be used at a slow pace. Please use caution when lighting and do not leave unattended. Burn candles 1-2 hours at a time. Scent strength may differ. Candles that come with dried flowers and herbs near the wick can possibly catch fire, this is why it is important to move crystals and herbs that crowd the wick.... it is important to not leave unattended. If wick is not lighting properly, make sure the surrounding area is cleared and that the wick is trimmed. Trimming length varies to the size of the candle container, so please trim with caution. Any containers that break after lighting a candle is not our responsibility to fix/ or replace. Again it is important to NOT leave the candle burning for a long period of time or unattended, this will help prevent any damages to candle, container, or area around candle. If damage occurs to residence or place around candle, due to candle, we are not liable for damages or liable for candle causing said damage.

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